Oracle Cards

“Before starting a reading, I always like to “cleanse” my cards and my mind. I do this by setting an intention that this reading might serve the highest good of all involved and that it comes from a true heart. I then bless the cards by knocking on the deck three times and then touching each card with that intention in mind.
You may thank the cards in advance for helping channel a message of truth. You are ready.

Now you can ask your question and shuffle the cards keeping that question in mind. Pull three cards and place them in order side by side from left to right. The first card represents a past situation or your question’s origin. The second card is the present or the recommended course of action. The third card is the future. The ideal outcome as a result of following the recommended course of action.

When reading really stay open to what first catches your attention, it might be a certain detail or a color or a single element on the card. It could be the healing, lucky green color or the fiery passionate red, but it could be one of the words or a specific symbol. This will point you into the right direction for interpreting the message.

I wrote these guidelines on each card to provide you with extra information. I always love to leave you with your own individual interpretation first though. Something could have an extra layer of meaning for you according to your experiences. Stay open to receiving and enjoy the process!!!

In Love and Light,

P.S., I created 2 decks so far, the “Oracle Cards” and the “Inspiration Cards”, the following extra guidance on cards is meant for the Oracle Cards Deck only. Enjoy!


You can transform this situation Life is like a theatre play of your Inner state.You can change the set and the circumstances by changing your mindset. Try to look beyond the superficial and seek the Truth.


Let Spirit guide you. You have the power to let go.Listen to your Inner Guidance, it knows what your next best step is.


Be open to receive The Universe is ready to shower you with blessings. Your wishes can be granted if only you ask for them clearly. Dare and look for signs around you in a positive state of mind, these signs on your path are the keys that open the door to your dreams.


Color your life We all are One.Put your Ego to the side and connect to Source, it will give your heart abundant and fertile nourishment so you become finally capable of enjoying life fully and joyfully. Be yourself, let your inner child radiate through your being!

Celestial Power

Purification The white eagle is looking straight in the sun because he is not afraid of tearing up.Tears are a sign of purification.Dare to let your emotions out and a great strength will birth, take flight to find balance. The eagle invites you to change your vision, free yourself from the past and go forward full speed to where your unique truth lies.


Ground yourself and Re-connect Walk barefoot on the earth, spend time in nature, you need to slow down your thoughts and take time to reconnect with your true self, it will give you good feelings and renewed strength


Not All is what it seems There are different ways to approach a situation.Sometimes we need to sit back and look at the big picture.A seemingly bad situation could be in fact a blessing in disguise for your growth.It all works out at the end. Trust

Burning Change

Welcome change Observe how everything is part of a natural process of life, death and rebirth. Don’t fear change as the Universe gifts you with the necessary opportunities for your evolution.


Open your third eye It’s by moving passed your deepest darkest self that you will connect to your spiritual vision, the vision that sees what your physical eyes can’t. Open yourself to a new you who sees beyond your conditioning and fears.

Cosmic Power

You can thrive Become One with Spirit You don’t fight with your energy, you learn to channel and control it. If a situation doesn’t suit you, learn to adapt and work on being the person who will handle anything with grace, love and resilience.


Look at all sides There is not just a right or a wrong, the world offers multiple possibilities, but once your decision is made, go for it! You will always gain insight from the experience.

Dyers Eve

Express yourself fearlessly Let your Spirit soar Maybe you have kept your true nature imprisoned left at the mercy of an unaccomplished desire for freedom. Do the inner work, introspect and find the key to freedom and healing of your heart.


All becomes clear You have given a lot of yourself to get where you want to be.Take a break, allow yourself to rest and ask the Universe the right questions. It’s in the moments your mind is at peace that you’ll get the right answers


Keep the Faith in your heart Faith is not so much a religious matter, it’s a deeper connection within you and your beliefs. Staying faithful then will increase your ability to receive as well as the capacity to gift others with all the blessings you also wish for yourself.

Hamsa Magic

You are protected Hamsa brings healing, compassion and help in retrieving forgiveness and understanding. The Eye in its center is there to remind you how protected and guided you are now. It’s peaceful bluest color reflects like a mirror and sends back all the negativity, so any judgement from others may be turned away.


Focus on radiating positive vibes You become harmonious the moment your feelings, thoughts, words and actions are in alignment, proving you are truly present and awake. Staying in this state of balance and truly being in the present moment and will allow you to accept events while inner peace frees your soul and spirit unaffected.

Holding Magic

Gold in your hands The power is in your hands, never doubt your ability to create the life of your dreams. Even if you are waiting for outside help, your guides encourage you to let your creativity loose and make magic happen.You can do it!


You are ready. You already have all the tools you need to make this desired outcome happen. You already know deep inside what to do.Trust your instincts and act!

Les Paradis Perdus

Nurture your Inner Garden Are you always comparing yourself to others? Being too hard on yourself? Or even forgetting your own value? Time to nurture yourself! Let the best expression of yourself shine, your soul soar knowing that the Universe is conspiring in your best interest.


Acknowledge your gifts and talents You are born with a purpose.Never forget this and never lose sight of your goals as life happens. Take moments throughout the day to reconnect with your truth.


Love within You Mother Nature follows cycles that we, as human beings, experience within and all around us. Learn to listen to your own rhythm, respect it and embrace it, you’ll find the right timing to let your heart open fearlessly and radiate love unconditionally which in return will bring many happy surprises!

Lover’s Eye

Look through the lens of Love We can only see the truth through our Heart. With Love and compassion you can move mountains. It’s a treasure that can’t be taken away from you. In any situation, this will lead you to peace and freedom!

Magic Ball

Internal Fire Keep tending to your internal fire, don’t let the flames extinguish by letting yourself be busy with frivolous activities, judging thoughts or with what others ask of you. Keep reminding yourself why you get out of bed every morning. Feed the fire, the passion and let it heal all aspects of your life.

Magic Happens

Infinite perception The window of your perception needs regular cleansing so you can see things as they are. This infinite field of possibilities is open in front of you waiting for you to choose a path and create! With clarity and the help of meditation, you can now overcome any situation and manifest your wishes as long as they are for the Highest good of all.


Time to Rise Be fluid-like and adapt to every situation. By staying in the flow and not going against it, you will reach new potentialities that you never even thought possible.

Mystic Power

You are gifted You might not realize the amount of still power you have.Somehow you see and feel things and have such a deep understanding that others want to confide in you. Share your wisdom, you can bring so much value into the world.


Follow your Inner Guidance The Golden bird is a guide and messenger supporting you in this situation.Feel the vibration in your heart, it’s the only thing that will help you attain true creativity and transformation for the better.


Become a New You Let go of your fears and turn your back on the past and understand that every obstacle on your path is in fact a stepping stone from which you grow and strengthen. Just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you are reborn into a stronger you.

Soul Self

Speak Your Truth Never deny who you are. Being authentic is very liberating, you’ve been holding back. Be brave and speak your truth!! Be yourself unapologetically you owe it to your soul.You have a unique purpose in this lifetime, acknowledge it, celebrate it!!

Soul Window

The answer lies within you The eyes are the window of the Soul, when you close them, you can truly see that within yourself lies a treasure. This treasure has tremendous power and knowingness! Don’t be afraid to look within to find answers.

Spirit Free

Change your beliefs Something or somebody is going to enter your life and confront you with your beliefs. It’s a gift! A gift to help you change those limiting beliefs and prepare you for transformation! Know you are safe and welcome new blessings in your life.

Star Child

New Insight Your life path is filled with signs that appear to guide you and to heal you. Your Higher self already knows this secret and symbolic language. Pay attention and soon you will be able to navigate through this journey with Faith.

Summer of Love

You are worthy The light of the rainbow born within your heart creates infinite peace. Connect to this inner joy and thus become your true self in its most natural state of being, hello Bliss!!! Live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment, you deserve it!!

Sunny Night

There is always hope Ups and downs are just how you see things…All is illusion, and by keeping hope and love in your heart and positive thoughts in your mind, they will soon manifest in your life! The Sun shines on everyone even underneath the clouds, it’s there!


All possibilities are open The Universe is made up of energy. It’s an open field of endless possibilities. Your thoughts and actions, paired with their associated emotion will send waves in the energy field and thus create your reality. Time to create a beautiful vision for your life by keeping your thoughts, actions and emotions positive.

The Calling

Dare to try other paths The wheel of Life is in perpetual movement, just link your wisdom with intuition and dare trying other paths than the one your reason might want to take, it will open new doors!!!

The Hight Priestess

Strength in Stillness While holding Universal knowledge, the High Priestess remains still and peaceful. She advises you to create emptiness in your mind and pay attention to your heart so you can witness the process of your evolution and awakening. Being instead of Doing. Pay attention to your inner wisdom.

The King

Abundance You can be abundant in an instant by letting go of old beliefs. The King of Higher Consciousness is coming forth to help you achieve this new awareness.Once you understand the power of gratitude you will see magic happen.

The Magician

Light Worker The Magician comes through to help you believe in yourself by letting go of any doubt in your abilities. You have all the tools you need to succeed, the only thing holding you back is your own self! Trust your power and things will manifest.

The Psychic

Move toward the Unknown The Unknown is where the Magic lives! Mystery can be both exciting and terrifying, Would you want to already know what the future holds for you or simply discover your path as you go, learning the lessons and becoming more and more enlightened ?Each step toward the Unknown is a necessary risk for your evolution and for building a successful life. Trust your Inner Guidance

The Unseen

Trust in perfect timing The Universe responds to your vibration and will know when things are right. Be prepared and be patient, opportunities are coming your way!

Time & Eternity

All is Illusion Your soul incarnated in this dimension to experience your karma, lessons you chose to learn.But know the soul is eternal, we are all part of the Universe. Open your mind to this idea, expand your consciousness and ask yourself what kind of trace you’d like to leave behind in this world.


You are Sacred The energy of three welcomes you into a sacred dimension. Your relationships and experiences are reflections of what you believe about yourself. Be open to create new connections, seek new places to visit, enrich your life! The three is providing you with a new creative breathing inspiration!


Be clear and Intentional Keep you focus on your goals. Undistracted. Along with a passionate heart and a clear mind, things are coming into manifestation for you!

Vision & Light

Remove your Blinders The world nowadays is filled with distractions and negative thinking that can easily take over our lives. Stand clear of these. Look within, define your vision, shine your brightest light and go for your dreams.


You are Stronger than You think When you forget yourself, you become the Universe Let go of the Ego and bathe in the pink energy of the Heart, you have the power to influence any situation with loving intentions.

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